$ENO Tokenomics

Token Supply: The total token supply of ENO is fixed at 25,000,000 tokens. This fixed supply ensures scarcity and helps maintain the token's value over time.

Team (6.00% or 1,500,000 tokens): This allocation is reserved for the founding team and project developers of ENO. These tokens serve as incentives to align the interests of the team with the long-term success of the project. They are typically subject to vesting schedules to ensure that team members remain committed to the project over time.

Incentives & Staking (19.50% or 4,875,000 tokens): These tokens are set aside to reward participants within the ENO ecosystem for their valuable contributions. This could include activities such as creating content, providing feedback, or referring new users. Incentives are crucial for fostering active engagement and building a strong community around the project.

Market Maker (6.00% or 1,500,000 tokens): Market maker tokens are allocated to incentivize liquidity providers within the ENO ecosystem. Market makers play a vital role in maintaining liquidity and price stability on exchanges by continuously quoting buy and sell prices. Incentivizing market makers ensures a healthy trading environment for ENO tokens.

Advisory (4.00% or 1,000,000 tokens): This token allocation is designated for compensating advisors or experts who provide guidance and expertise to the ENO project. Advisors may offer insights on various aspects such as strategy, technology, marketing, or legal compliance, contributing to the project's overall success and credibility.

Earn (14.40% or 3,600,000 tokens): These tokens are allocated for rewarding token holders who actively participate in staking, lending, farming, or other similar activities within the ENO ecosystem. By staking their tokens, participants contribute to network security and stability while earning rewards in return, encouraging long-term engagement and loyalty.

Marketing & Associates (18.10% or 4,525,000 tokens): This token allocation is dedicated to funding marketing activities and establishing strategic partnerships to increase awareness and adoption of the ENO project. Marketing efforts may include advertising campaigns, social media promotions, participation in industry events, and collaborations with other projects or influencers.

Ecosystem Fund (8.00% or 2,000,000 tokens): The ecosystem fund is intended to support various initiatives and projects within the ENO ecosystem. These funds may be used for ecosystem development, community grants, research and development, or any other activities that contribute to the growth and sustainability of the project.

Ecosystem Development (12.00% or 3,000,000 tokens): This substantial allocation is dedicated to the ongoing development and expansion of the ENO ecosystem. It includes funding for software development, platform improvements, ecosystem partnerships, and other initiatives aimed at enhancing the project's value proposition and user experience.

Sales (12.00% or 3,000,000 tokens): These tokens are allocated for direct sales purposes, which may include token sales, private placements, or other fundraising activities. Sales tokens provide liquidity for the project and may be sold to investors or strategic partners to raise capital for further development and growth.

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