The process of Staking and earning rewards through the farming of ENO tokens is a fundamental pillar in the dynamics of incentives and long-term participation within our ecosystem. Through this mechanism, users have the opportunity to lock (or "stake") their ENO tokens in the protocol's specific smart contract, known as Masterchef, following the model implemented by PancakeSwap but with unique features that focus exclusively on the staking of the ENO token.

This staking system not only promotes token retention and loyalty within the community but also enables participants to actively earn rewards. The distribution of these rewards is in the form of additional ENO tokens, thereby generating a constant flow of incentives that promote the stability and growth of the ecosystem.

The calculation of rewards is based on an Annualized Return Rate (APR) model that starts off being particularly attractive to encourage early participation. This initial APR is relatively high to attract users and capital at the beginning of the protocol's launch. However, it's important to note that this rate is not fixed; it adjusts dynamically based on the total volume of ENO tokens in staking. As more users stake their tokens, the reward rate decreases proportionally, reflecting a balance between the incentive for new stakers and the long-term sustainability of the system.

This dynamic adjustment of the APR ensures an equitable and sustainable system, where rewards are distributed more evenly as the ecosystem grows. Moreover, the protocol allows for the flexibility of staking and unstaking ENO tokens at any time, offering users total control over their investments while maintaining a constant flow of liquidity within the ecosystem.

In summary, the staking of ENO tokens is an integral strategy that benefits both the users and the ecosystem as a whole. It provides a robust mechanism for sustained growth, encouraging long-term participation and token retention, while dynamically adjusting to maintain the viability and attractiveness of the reward system as the project evolves.

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