Ely Castro

Designer, artisan goldsmith, and gemologist, merged the history of jewelry with wine, consolidating a project of over 15 years. Hand in hand with his partner Gerardo Santaolalla, they created a unique bottle to safeguard the jewel and thus enjoy a bottle of wine with great tradition. They offer 8 exclusive bottles: Efusio, Esencia, Enopión, Balche, Adamas, Sapiens, Estilo, and Subtítulo, each one preserving a variety of wine from Marqués de Griñon.

Partners physical perks showing your EWSC Membership (WDA):

Access to Ely Castros. NFT collection bid (2025):

8 exclusive ENO WDA Bottles to be minted in 2025:

  1. Efusio:

  1. Essentia:

  1. Enopion:

  1. Balche:

  1. Adamas:

  1. Sapien:

  1. Style:

  1. Subtile:

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