Founded with an innovative vision at the intersection of fashion and technology, 10KA has transformed the concept of digital fashion through the integration of sustainable technologies and digital assets. 10KA aims to lead the Latin digital fashion market by offering unique experiences of digital twin customization and avatars across various metaverses and video games. In 2022, 10KA launched a series of NFT collections that not only verify the originality of their fashion products but also allow users to interact with their attire in completely new and exciting ways. 10KA's commitment to innovation and the digital community makes it an ideal strategic partner for ENO.

Physical Benefits for Members Showing Their Membership (WDA):

  1. Early Access to Launches: Members can access new 10KA collections before they are released to the general public.

  2. Exclusive Visits to 10KA Headquarters: An opportunity to explore the facilities where the magic of digital fashion comes to life.

  3. AR Fashion Customization Experiences: Interact with 10KA's digital fashion through augmented reality experiences.

  4. Discounts on 10KA Products: Benefit from exclusive discounts on all purchases of 10KA products.

  5. Access to 10KA Workshops and Events: Participate in exclusive workshops offering insights into the latest trends in digital fashion and avatar customization.

  6. Exclusive Merchandising: Access to exclusive 10KA merchandising products, subject to availability.

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