Partners and ENO Embassies

Partners play a crucial role in the ENO ecosystem, providing tangible support to complement the virtual benefits of membership. These partners encompass recognized brands, services, or products that endorse the advantages of our membership and contribute to the overall strength of the ENO community.

Members of our community, by displaying their EWSC membership (EDA), gain automatic access to a range of exclusive perks and benefits offered by our partners. These benefits may include premium access, discounts, special courtesies, upgrades, exclusive merchandise, discounted rates on other digital platforms, or any other incentives that our partners may extend to the community. This approach encourages consumption, active participation, and the expansion of our ecosystem.

ENO Embassies serve as official physical locations where EWSC members can enjoy preferential treatment. These embassies are distinguished by a plaque that accredits them as such and is integrated with our ENOVERSE through augmented reality (AR) technology. Visiting an ENO Embassy grants members an ENO NFT Badge, further enhancing their experience within our ecosystem.

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