ENO Social Clubs

ENO Clubs serve as the vibrant heart of the ENO ecosystem, offering users a gateway to unique digital experiences through ENO Digital Assets (EDA). These assets are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that unlock opportunities within the ENO community. At the core of ENO Clubs lies the ENO Wine Social Club, a distinguished enclave celebrating the art and culture of fine wines.

Key Components:

ENO Digital Assets (EDA): ENO Digital Assets (EDA) represent exclusive digital collectibles and NFTs that grant access to a diverse range of experiences, products, and services within the ENO ecosystem.

Marketplace: Within ENO Clubs, users can access a dynamic marketplace where allies and partners showcase their products and services. The business model follows a 90/10 split, with 90% of the revenue going to the seller and 10% to ENO. Additionally, there is no delivery of physical products; instead, users can enjoy the products, services, or experiences where the seller offers them.

Launchpad for EDA: ENO Clubs serves as a launchpad for the introduction of new ENO Digital Assets (EDA). Emerging creators, brands, and content creators can leverage the platform to debut their exclusive NFTs to a captive audience of ENO enthusiasts.

Staking EDA: Users have the opportunity to stake their ENO Digital Assets within the ENO Clubs platform. Any EDA staked in this manner generates 2% royalties for the swaps of the clubs, which are distributed among the EDA owners who have staked their assets. This incentivizes users to stake their EDA and participate actively in the ENO ecosystem.

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